Avaada's Success in Land Management with LAMS

Avaada Energy required a web-based GIS & MIS platform to facilitate land acquisition and litigation monitoring, encompassing the efficient management of workflow, process flow, and information related to plot owners.
a desktop and mobile based Land Management system for olayan group

Client & Project Introduction

Avaada Energy, a prominent player in the renewable energy sector,sought a robust solution for their diverse business responsibilities, including solar manufacturing, green hydrogen, and more. Their need for efficient land acquisition and litigation monitoring led them to explore a comprehensive Web-based GIS & MIS application.

client requirements
Client Requirements & Challenges

Avaada Energy envisioned a platform that seamlessly manages land information, integrates with spatial maps, and facilitates the ongoing workflow. They required real-time updates on Land acquisition, information, litigations, and court cases. The challenge was to create a system with a user-friendly interface, password protection, and access limitations, serving as a secure repository for digital maps and documents.

Our Solution

We provided Avaada Energy with a centralized platform powered by our Land Acquisition Management System (LAMS). This dynamic solution not only hosted their land and asset information but also displayed it on an interactive map. The platform allowed for macro to micro-level monitoring of every activity, from pre-land acquisition to post-land acquisition.

client requirements
client requirements
Client Requirements & Challenges

Our solution, powered by the Land Acquisition Management System (LAMS), yielded significant outcomes and benefits for Avaada Energy:

  • Efficient Information Flow: The implemented system provided seamless updates on land acquisition workflow and litigation monitoring, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Dynamic Map Integration: LAMS successfully integrated land records with a dynamic spatial map that reflected real-time changes in the database.
  • Paper-Free Archiving: The platform enabled paper-free archiving and efficient management of land records, contributing to a more sustainable and streamlined documentation process.
  • Litigation Tracking: Avaada Energy now has a robust mechanism to track and monitor ongoing or closed court cases related to their projects, ensuring timely responses and compliance.
  • Mobile Application Integration: The inclusion of a mobile application facilitated convenient data input and direct transmission to a central server via mobile networks, enhancing accessibility and on-the-go data collection.
  • Empowered Decision-Makers: Decision-makers gained easy access to essential information tailored to their specific needs, supporting informed decision-making processes.
  • Effective Project Monitoring: The system provided comprehensive workflow management and compliance documentation, enhancing project monitoring capabilities.

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