Land Management System - Olayan Group

Olayan sought a centralized platform to manage land and asset information, with the specific need to visualize and analyze all plots on a map and access data, records, or documents related to each specific plot or asset.
a desktop and mobile based Land Management system for olayan group

Client & Project Introduction

Take a glimpse into the success journey of The Olayan Real Estate Management Company Limited (ORECO), a vital part of The Olayan Group. This global entity, with a presence in Saudi Arabia, Europe, and the US, chose LAMS for innovative land management software to steer their real estate endeavors. Initially focused on land acquisitions, ORECO has now expanded into property development, both independently and for external partners.

client requirements
Client Requirements & Challenges

In search of a modern solution, ORECO needed a central platform to manage and visualize their extensive land and asset records. The goal was to efficiently analyze plots on maps, retrieve specific plot-related data or documents, and oversee the entire process from Pre-Land Acquisition to Post Land Acquisition. They also needed to manage the Rehabilitation & Resettlement (R&R) workflow at various stages.

Our Solution

To meet ORECO's unique challenges. This dynamic, web-based GIS & MIS application was purpose-built for efficient land acquisition management. LAMS facilitated real-time updates of workflow and process-related information, ensuring secure access with password protection and access controls. Serving as a centralized repository, LAMS preserved and refined digital maps and documents, ensuring accessibility and security.

client requirements
client requirements
Project Outcomes & Results

  • Layer-wise visualization of Area of Interest, village boundary, plot boundaries, and plot types.
  • Leveraging satellite imagery for enhanced visual identification of assets within plots, reducing the reliance on field visits.
  • Robust map tools, including zoom-in, zoom-out, pan, square zoom, and drawing tools for area measurement, lines, and polygons.
  • Attribute information presented through user-friendly pop-up notifications for streamlined data access.
  • Inclusion of legal and litigation-related information for comprehensive assessment and tracking.

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