What We Do

Effective land management goes beyond ownership—it involves safeguarding your land from unauthorized encroachments. At LAMS, we understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your land assets. Our Encroachment Detection services are designed to proactively identify and address encroachments, ensuring that your valuable land remains free from unauthorized occupation. Using Satellite Data & AI To Spot Land Encroachment.

Our Encroachment Detection Services Include

  • We employ advanced change detection techniques using remote sensing technology and multiple satellite images or drone data of the same area, depending on your preferences. This allows us to identify alterations and encroachments over time.

  • Our analysis includes topographical feature extraction from satellite imagery or drone data, enabling us to detect changes in land features and land use.

  • Data, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accurate encroachment detection based on your preferred data source.

  • Our services offer regular and periodic monitoring to track changes and encroachments, providing timely alerts for action.

a desktop and mobile based Land Management system for olayan group

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