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We understand the significance of effective land management in your business or organization. Our web and mobile-based solution have been meticulously crafted to serve as the cornerstone of your land-related operations. Navigating the complexities of land information, data, and documents has never been more streamlined. With LAMS, you gain instant access to critical insights, fostering smarter decisions and enhancing your operational efficiency. Join us on a journey where land management meets innovation, where data becomes actionable, and where success is built on a foundation of knowledge. Explore LAMS today and discover a world of possibilities in land management.

Products Insights

Visualization of Plot/Parcel Boundary

Experience Land Management in High Definition

LAMS empowers you with the ability to visualize plot and parcel boundaries like never before. Say goodbye to traditional paper maps and embrace the future of land management with our cutting-edge technology.

  • Precision Mapping
  • Enhanced Decision-Making
  • Effortless Monitoring
  • Streamlined Communication

Land Acquisition Process Management

Efficiency Meets Compliance

Managing land acquisition processes as per state-wise LARR Acts has never been more streamlined. LAMS offers a comprehensive solution to navigate the complexities of land acquisition seamlessly.

  • Compliance Assurance
  • Gantt Chart and Timeline Tracker
  • Responsible Person/Team Monitoring
  • Color-Coded Thematic Maps

Land Ownership Management

Transparency and Control in Land Ownership

LAMS redefines how you manage land ownership. Gain unparalleled transparency, from tracking and updating plot owner details to mapping intricate family trees and stakeholder relationships.

  • Plot Owner Details
  • Family Tree Mapping
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Compensation and R&R Benefits

Land Valuation

Empower Your Land Decisions with Real-Time Valuation Insights

LAMS keeps you in the know when it comes to your land's value. With our real-time valuation tools, you're always up to date, ensuring your decisions are based on the latest data.

  • Real-Time Valuation
  • Asset Consideration
  • Tax and Fee Calculation

Land Lease Management

Efficiently Handle Your Land Leases

LAMS simplifies the management of land leases, ensuring that you maintain control and compliance while optimizing your leasing operations.

  • Lease Tracking
  • Lease Terms Management
  • Financial Efficiency
  • Legal Compliance
  • Integration Possibilities

Products Insights


LAMS offers flexible integration options to streamline your land management processes. Connect with leading ERP and accounting systems effortlessly.

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