What We Do

Ensuring equitable and reasonable remuneration for landowners and stakeholders is crucial when it comes to land acquisition and resettlement. We understand the importance of transparency and accuracy in this process. Our "Survey of Landowners and Land Assets for Compensation" service is designed to meticulously survey and assess landowners, their assets, and land plots, ensuring that compensation is based on a comprehensive and equitable evaluation.

Our Survey of Landowners and Land Assets Services Include

  • We identify and verify landowners, their family members, and other stakeholders who may be eligible for compensation.

  • Our experts survey and assess all land assets, including trees, ponds, houses, infrastructure, and other tangible assets within the land plots.

  • We conduct surveys to identify dependents who may have a claim to compensation, ensuring that no eligible party is overlooked.

  • Our surveys include detailed assessments of land plots, considering factors such as land type, size, and land use, to determine compensation amounts accurately.

a dashboard showing land plot boundary, a surveyor doing land survey for a particular plot lat & long

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